NamePositionPhoneTerm Exp. DateEmail
Edward Wasem​
Zoning Inspector
Melodie BogantzZoning Clerk
Zoning Commission
Alan Huet 
Zoning Commission614-432-2576
March 1, 2027
Rob Broehl
Zoning Commission
March 1, 2026
Sara Sparhawk
Zoning Commission
March 1, 2026
Fred Schwarz (Chair)
Zoning Commission
March 1, 2026
Jackie Siegel
Zoning Commission
March 1, 2027
Zoning Commission
1st Alternate

March 1, 2024

Beth WarnerZoning Commission
2nd Alternate
614.679.0236March 1, 2025
Zoning Appeals​
Dale McCombs
Zoning Appeals740-564-0461
March 1, 2026
Robert MooreZoning Appeals740-627-0073
March 1, 2026
Max Kackstetter
Zoning Appeals
March 1, 2027
Pamela Warga
Zoning Appeals
March 1, 2027
Wendi Zigo
Zoning Appeals
March 1, 2025
Zoning Appeals
1st Alternate

March 1, 2021

VacantZoning Appeals
​2nd Alternate

March 1, 2021

Rezoning Application   
Appeal to the Appeals Board
Outdoor Commercial Sign

$300.00 plus additional $1.00 per square foot of sign space (both/all sides as applicable)

Residence Permit
$0.15 per square foot for all living space, $0.15 per square foot for basement, and $0.15 per square foot for garage area including covered porch and deck
Relocation of a Structure

$150.00 for structures being moved on existing property

(When a structure is being moved to a new location, a Residence Permit will be charged and required)

Garages/Accessory Buildings
$0.15 per square foot for all area, minimum fee $150.00
Additions to Existing Structures

$0.15 per square foot for living area, $0.15 per square foot for garage area, $0.15 per square foot for storage area, and $0.15 per square foot for covered porch including decks, minimum fee $150.00

(Commercial Not Included)

Commercial/Industrial Permit
$600.00 plus $10.00 per 100 square feet, or fraction thereof, in excess of 5,000 square feet
Lot Split Permit
Driveway Permit
$50.00 (effective June 15th, 2020)
Review of Planned Unit Developments 
Ditch Coverage Permit
Swimming Pool Permit

Zoning Fee Schedule

Disclaimer: Always check with Licking County Engineer's Office for Official Zoning Map

Liberty Township ZONING Officials, PERMITS, AND FEES